Online Music Camp

This four-week-long online music camp is aimed to broaden the students’ basic musical knowledge and expand their interests beyond musical performance.


  • All participants are expected to submit works in lesson or via email by the due dates and memorize important musical terminologies.
  • Use the provided playlists below for listening assignments. Students are encouraged to discover other versions of recordings so that they can learn about other interpretations.
  • Use reliable sources for research. These include Oxford Dictionary of Music, OnMusic Dictionary, The Encyclopedia of Music (by Max Wade-Matthews & Wendy Thompson), and other reliable articles from reputable online magazines and news websites. Wikipedia is an acceptable secondary source.
  • Weekly challenges are optional.

Difficulty Levels

  • Beginning and intermediate level has 6 listening assignments and 9 musical terminologies to memorize each week.
  • Advanced level has 7 listening assignments, 12 musical terminologies to memorize each week, plus one short weekly research report on assigned topics.
  • Students can choose one of the two difficulty levels and are encourage to listen to music from both groups’ playlists.
  • Download beginning and intermediate level assignment and advanced level assignment


All participants have the opportunity to publish their research reports on this page. Students are encouraged to read and learn from each other’s reports.


*Some tracks are only available through Youtube. If a track gives you the “unavailable” message, you’ll need to listen to it on Youtube.

**Note that some listening assignments on the syllabus are excerpts of a whole piece. So please fast forward to specific spots in the video to start the listening sample. For example, Anitra’s Dance in the Advanced Week One begins at 8’09” in the video.

Intermediate Week One

Intermediate Week Two

Intermediate Week Three

Intermediate Week Four

*2nd movement of Mozart Clarinet concerto begins at 12’58” in track no.3.

Advanced Week One

*Anitra’s Dance begins at 8’09” of the track. In the Hall of Mountain King is the last movement of Peer Gynt Suite no.1 in track no.3.

Advanced Week Two

*Montagues and Capulets begins at 2’30” and ends at 6’10” in track no.4

Advanced Week Three

Advanced Week Four

*2nd movement of Bartok (Music for strings, percussion, and celesta) begins at 8’39” in track no.2.